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Wellness Wednesday: Inspiration Comes in Mysterious Ways

This week has been an out of this world week. But if anything it has taught me to never give up on my dreams, including my hopes and dreams for a healthier lifestyle. While we may have not hit the target as of yet, in the distance can see the destination ahead and it looks wonderful.

In last week’s Wellness Wednesday post, I disclosed that I would experience my checkup with my family doctor. I was pleased to learn that all my labs came back good upon a brief examination, three were no prevalent issues, just do what I need to do to keep the journey going. As for the goal set for my weight that afternoon, I did not attain it. However with the other good news I received I had the can-do spirit to keep plugging along in the journey.

I know what I need to do and I know if I cut out some really bad vices in my life, it will yield results that will prove well and can satisfy me. Cutting back from those trigger foods and/or gravitating toward them can be a dangerous event that can start the sabotage train rolling towards gaining town. I have already experienced a backsliding of gaining some of the weight I lost until mid-summer. I don’t want to be one of those statistics that brings it all back and then some. When I was that weight almost six months ago, doing anything was a struggle for me and it made life miserable and caused serious concern.

I had some events occur in my journey to see the need to forge on. One was the death of a fellow member of my weight loss group. I had the privilege of being a buddy with her for the Summer Buddy program we used to do. My mom, a pusher of following through of what you volunteered to do, it was sort of understood that I put the effort in being in contact through the summer. As you know with being autistic, interacting with others can present its challenges and can sometimes cause some uncomfortable situations for the autistic person along with the person they are interacting with. 

However my buddy reached out to me and we exchanged phone numbers, many times texting (because that is often easier for me to get my point across) and making phone calls sometimes along with the weekly check-ins before the meetings each week. When preparing this post for the week, I am reviewing the obituary to reminisce with that summer. She had a life that was never easy but she found a way to enjoy it. One of the moments as I used to pass her house in the day program van was when she said “ we’re going to lose weight, but we’re not going to kill ourselves doing it.” She had a larger than life personality. She made me realize that you don’t have to be so serious about your weight loss journey, but you have to care yet enjoy life. I guess that’s why I don’t give up. I think of her and I realize that she lived larger than life and didn’t let obstacles get in her way. 

The same mantra can be said for me even though the last two years have been one wild roller coaster ride for me. Even as it seems when I seem to take one step forward, I seem to take two steps back from where I was. The fight isn’t easy and I want to give up on a better me, but I am reminded of my summer buddy and it came to me as I found out online that she was in declining health. That I have to continue to fight the journey because for all the times that It isn’t easy, you have to make the best of it for you and those around you that care about you.

My point is this. As one of my best friends says, you have to live a little. Yes, you have to take care of you and that may mean doing activities that may become unpleasant for you. However, you have to do what you enjoy and is at your level and provides the maximum benefit you can withstand. This past week has gone to show me that in a matter of seconds you can gain your entrance to another level off this earth. You need to treasure life for what it is before it is too late and enjoy it as much as you can, regardless of the challenges you face, you can’t let them get in your way of being happy.

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