Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Recovery Month; Vol. 3, Issues 6 & 7; Sept. 11, 18

It’s Recovery Month, what do you do to maintain Recovery?

Recovery has been a long but good journey for me the past few decades. It is a essential piece of my lifestyle and is something that I take very seriously. I am active in my goals here at the Clubhouse and exemplify what I learned throughout my journey. I apply it in my life as well as in my career by showing others that no matter how much you need to progress in your journey, recovery is possible, probable, and likely in each and every individual. You just have to put forth the effort and work on the skills that are modeled little by little. I didn’t get to the point I am now overnight as it took two decades to get this far and we are still growing as I am still discovering myself as time goes on

How does one implement their recovery into their life?

For me, one part of implementation for me is self-care. While this has taken me years to establish what it is and that I need it. In essence, it has helped my recovery to a degree. Part of that is the simple fact that I do not need to micromanage every concept of work or Clubhouse tasks. This was a big realization of me. Another part of implementation is the need of having a WRAP, or Wellness Recovery Action Plan, along with my blog, Dustin’s Dynasty, that helps me express my story in a public format and not using any names or personal references. This way other people with my diagnosis validates that I am not the only one feeling the way I am feeling. Furthermore, sometimes I realize the need to have music into my life by maxing up the headphones and kicking out the jams when necessary to self-stimulate when things get rough.

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