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Imagining the Possibilities

Lately, I have been following my Astrograph (Horoscope) and it has delivered well. Today was no different. It stated:

A situation will not be as it appears. Don’t act on an assumption. Channel your energy into personal gain, growth and physical well-being. Be observant, not aggressive.

This was so true to me today; I have been a little bit upset with this and that going on here and there. Nonetheless, I have to realize that even though I feel going to my day program at times is trying, but in the end, it is one of the best places for me. Last Wednesday, I have made a commitment upon arrival to go to a certain room in the building and get on the dreaded digital scale each day I attend and to record my weight on a calendar that I printed off the computer.

So last week I got on, then two days later – A 1.4-pound loss. Then the weekend, for I would be sure that I gain weight from lack of movement in contrast to the workweek. I was surprised Monday morning when I would weigh in over 1 and a half pounds lighter in three days, thus losing 3 pounds in five days total. The true test would be to this morning. Yesterday was a stressful one with limited activity and not so right eating, Regardless, this morning I faced the music and headed to the room that the scale is located, empties my pockets and put on my shoes. A little shocking was that I lost .2 pound and I was surprised because I ate a lot before bed the night before, so I glad and unlike other times when I would be hard on myself for not losing a lot. It was a lackluster effort; I had a lot to eat over the previous day and it wasn’t good for me. I slept a lot, I didn’t practice self-care, and that’s my fault. I had to take the .2 and be happy with it because I didn’t do much to earn it.

Earlier this evening, I joined my mother in watching a few episodes of My 600-lb life. Yes, I know its comparing apples to oranges for me as I am almost half that size. Regardless, I too since being inactive due to COVID and not being able to go to programming for nearly three months resulted in myself stress eating and gaining weight and parts of my body in pain. Some still are and for a while it was hard to walk in the local supercenter and I would get mad sometimes when I would see someone in a motorized cart who I felt they where less in need than I. But wrapping back to today’s horoscope “don’t act on an assumption”  And I almost did, but I knew that I was raised better than that and that I have to work on bettering myself, and it’s MY fault that I have body aches and pains, It’s also MY fault that I didn’t move about when I darn well know that I should have.

Back to the TV show, there was a woman who sheltered herself in her mother’s basement for years to the point she had two bariatric surgeries and they were unsuccessful. However she visited the doctor and proved to him that she had the willpower to WANT to lose the weight, so he approved her to have surgery a third time which resulted her in spending three months in the hospital before being discharged to home, which at first was a struggle for her because she wasn’t taking her food intake to heart. Needing skin removal surgery, she was given another ultimatum by the surgeon, lose 50 pounds, or not get the surgery and look different. So she did, she lost over that prescribed amount, had the surgery and bettered her life by learning skills that were necessary of her being independent, such as getting a driver’s license.

The key is, if you want it, you need to put YOUR energy into it.

That being said, the horoscope spoke to me today by saying that I need to channel my energy into something positive for personal gain, growth, and physical well-being and to be observant and NOT aggressive.

I’ve been feeling upset from time to time lately, I’m sure everyone has, But in reality, I have everything I need and want and a lot more than others have, so in the end I should count my blessings and be thankful I can do the things I can, But in hindsight, I know I need to work on bettering my health, so I need to channel that negative and turn it to positive energy to be well.

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