Union Station Weekly

Union Station News: Volume 2; Issue 11; April 2023

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program’s newsletter. In June 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status.

Dustin’s Wellness Update

Last month, I shared with readers of the Union Station News how I have been taking better steps in the right direction towards being more active, fit and well. I have been continuing that process in time and have lost some more weight as a result of putting in the hard work that is necessary for being well. I have been
both in the gym and on the streets walking more than 2 miles on days that I can. I always strive for two miles and as such, I
am seeing clothes fit better and I am getting back into clothes that over a year ago that I was unable to wear. I have to
say it isn’t always easy to make the right choices, but after I make them, I am so glad that I did and as the progress comes, it
makes me even more proud of myself. The sky is the limit!

Greatness is Autism Acceptance

April is Autism Awareness / Acceptance Month. In the last few years, there has been a shift from the term of awareness to acceptance as autism is a widely-known neurological condition that impacts 1 in 36 people in the United States and as such a focus needs to be shifted to accepting the autistic community. I have written this post in my Autism Blog, Dustin’s Dynasty a few weeks ago to show how important and much needed Autism Acceptance is in the world.

Clubhouse Display for Autism Awareness / Acceptance Month

Acceptance, that is sometimes as autistic people all we want, as to be accepted.

For whom we are and what we want in life It can be the smallest thing in life just to be accepted as the whole package deal.

That it we don’t have to jump through any extra hoops to prove ourselves.

Just to be ourselves, in our element and not have to be corrected, ridiculed, or have any other negative effect.

To be treated just the same as any other human being out there that just wants what we all want.

To be able to do or be in the same things as our neurotypical peers and not have and be
welcomed and accepted for our needs, quirks or whatever may come down the
pike just because we have autism.

Just having to be ourselves in the world that is not made for us already takes a lot out
of us, so why does it have to be harder than it already is, just accept us for who we
are and meet us the best ways that you can.

For all we want is to just be accepted for being uniquely different than others and
out needs met.

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