The Powerful Mom

There has been a lot of discussion on the web about moms, specifically the moms of parents with special needs. These moms deserve all the credit they can get. They are usually the first one to step up to bat for their child and make sure that they get what they need, especially when they cannot be in their presence. They oftentimes want to make sure that they have their place in society and in the world. To their child they are seen as their source of knowledge and support and are sometimes considered their lifeline. So, when a major lifestyle change comes in their life as they become a senior citizen and enjoy the golden years, one can either be jealous or be supportive and caring.

This week, my mother made it official that she would be taking the steps to end her career of working for over 40 years, something she has been doing right out of high school. For the majority of time, I felt as if I was jealous because she would not be following the routine that she has followed the past six years, although it has been of a remote nature and I had the privilege of joining her for the first eight months of that last routine, which I guess has sort of tailored me into a sense of what it will be with her being at home more as a result of this change.

I for one shouldn’t be jealous of this change, because she has had to watch my father, who took early retirement enjoy over twenty years of not working. So, I can understand to a point that she is ready by far. I have come to the realization that I have been jealous that I will still have to get out of bed and do things as I always do, yet she will be able to do things that she wants to do without leaving her home, or things with my father like traveling and sightseeing. I know there will be times that we will get to do the things we enjoy, such as the annual quilt hops that we enjoy and the other things that we enjoy doing. Coronavirus has been a bitch at grounding us and not giving us the opportunity to do the things that we like to in the manner that we once did, but hopefully that will change.

My mother is a very smart person and has taught me many things about life and secretarial skills, likewise by my attending technical school and later community college, I have taught her things that I have picked up as a result of attending these institutions of higher learning. We do have a bond that I have to admit is quite special indeed. So when she called me up the other day asking me, “What is a blog?” I knew her gears were grinding. She does watch some pretty good bloggers that have a good Facebook following and have developed quite the niche for themselves. She has reminded me that she hasn’t pursued my dreams of blogging over the years and because of my mental health supports, I have really honed in on the dream because of the inspiration to do so.

I am by far no blog expert, bit I do know quite a bit about blogging and web content platforms because of my community college education, but before that, I would say since High School when I took website design courses that I have developed the niche for it. It has stuck and the inspiration grew when I saw a early Leadership In Recovery Award winner through my Behavioral Health Managed Care Organization pursue the dream in this endeavor, for it is what is what got the ball rolling in me.

So to say that I want to play the jealousy bug and have my mother focus her life on me all the time is downright wrong. I know there will be time for us to share both her and I and my parents and I. In fact the weekend before I accepted my first apartment almost three years ago was when my parents and I went camper shopping and sealed a deal on a camper that I have never got to experience because of being independent and later because of the inability to reserve a spot because of COVID. This I have been ascertained will assure me the opportunity to enjoy this pastime. Yes, I do admit that she and her and my father deserve the time to enjoy the older years without a doubt, but this can also be used as time for me to grow too and be more of the man that I want to be.

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