Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly; Volume 6, Issue 1; February 5, 2021

Persons who Influenced Me in My Life

One of the people who have inspired me probably has no clue that they were even a part in doing so. Several years ago I attended a Value (Beacon) Family Forum at Westmoreland County Community College where the Excellent Caregiver awardee of Fayette County’s grandson, who was also a Leadership in Recovery Awardee that spring at the recovery forum. He made great strides in his recovery. He attended WCCC and studied Web Publishing (something that I always had a knack in, however never took it seriously.) Because of his great recovery journey and his ability to attend community college, it inspired me to attend community college while holding down a SE job and Clubhouse responsibilities. I honestly don’t think If I would have met that young man and his grandparents that day at WCCC, I don’t know if I would have ever pursued the dreams of attending community college. Previously, I had kept it “on the back burner” before this great meeting. There are many skills that I use continuously at home, Clubhouse, and work that I learned from college. I use my skills everyday, and I met some great people and got some awesome honors in the ride too!

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