Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: April 16, 2021; Volume 7, Issue 3

My Easter Holiday

I spent Good Friday with my Clubhouse Family as I was off on my normally scheduled day. When I came home, I made a twin pack of Suddenly Salad for dinner for my parents house the next day. When I went there the next day, I took the dish and everyone was pleased with how well I did at making something and it being prepared well. We exchanged cards and gifts and gathered on the front walk for the traditional pictures. Sunday, I went to Walmart and to my grandparents gravesite to pay my respects.

Making Progress

In my life, it seemed that I never had balance with nutrition and activity. If I was doing either one, I was hyper focused on one and disregarding the other. When tackling something such as bettering your health, it is important to include both elements in doing so. I have been going to my weight loss support group since I was 21, and have been taught a host of skills over the
years, so why didn’t it click?

Then COVID hit.

I didn’t go to meetings, I was eating out of control. Being on my own didn’t help either as I was not caring what I was ordering or bringing in the house at all. As winter creeped, the weight gained on and on to my highest. When at the Clubhouse, trips to run errands for myself became difficult with me becoming out of breath and in a lot of pain.

Three weeks ago, my mom and I decided to go back to our weight loss support meetings. We had gained some weight, but by the time we had left we, had a new mindset. I had been tracking my calories and losing some weight some time before. We increasingly got activity in as we could by visiting the local bike trail and walking, each time advancing to a certain landmark on
the trail. Earlier this week, I arrived at the nearest milepost from the trailhead and saw a set of four benches from the trailhead. I am glad to say that we reached that goal stopping only once on the way to and twice on the way back. A few weeks ago, I wouldn’t be able to make it from the trailhead to the trail.

So what helps?

Tracking every BLT (Bite, Lick and Taste) in a food tracker (I use a Fitbit, but there’s several others.) and following a calorie budget everyday according to what is recommended. Personal weigh-ins upon waking up each morning help me be accountable as does my support group each week. Lastly, being sure that you get the recommended 150 (2.5 hours) of activity a week, 30 minutes a day. It isn’t hard if you plan, take your time and gradually work at it. I’ve tried several times in the past two decades to get healthy, but I think this is it.

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