Casualties, Drowning

Drowned Hickman County boy found – 6/7/2014

The body of the 6-year-old Hickman County boy swept away after Beaverdam Creek floodwaters overtook his family’s SUV was found at 10:30 a.m. today.

Search team members found Tristan Demumbran’s remains about three-quarters of a mile from where his mother drove into the water on a trip to buy food after hours of rain.

“It’s a relief that we know he’s not in the water and he’s not suffering,” said Nell Sanders, the family’s spokeswoman.

The autistic boy’s body was found in a drain pipe located on private property near the creek, Hickman County Sheriff Randal Ward said in a statement.

Demumbran’s family was notified and his remains transported to McDonald Funeral Home in Centerville.

The accident happened Thursday as Tristan’s mother, Gidgett Demumbran, tried to drive the van through high waters to get to the grocery store. The van couldn’t make it through, and Demumbran and her five passengers got out. She grabbed Tristan in the water but was hit in the head by a branch. She lost consciousness and her grip on the boy.

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