Preparing for Possible Isolation

This was adapted from a post on a Facebook group and includes my response to which I felt was necessary in a time of pandemic.


I come from we Aspies (we little professors) were considered role models in our classrooms, and were quite scholarly, and also obedient at home, in school, in church and in public.

So I’m wondering how these people are going to manage, now that stores are running out of their favorite foods, and now that we are having curfews and quarantines. In other words, how will autistics who haven’t bothered to adapt going to deal with all this change?

-If an autistic elopes and breaks quarantine during a curfew or quarantine, what do you suppose will happen?

-And if your autistic tries to lecture a police officer who is trying to maintain peace and order, what do you think will happen?

-And if your autistic has a meltdown in public because his chicken nuggets are out of stock, what do you suppose will happen?

-And if a parent of an autistic is in dire need of medical assistance, what do you suppose will happen?

I really, REALLY want to know if you all are faring well, Do you think your lives will IMPROVE during the spread of this virus as the result of your stubborn refusal to take action in the areas I have mentioned, or do you think things will get worse?

A bunch of mostly unemployed, not romantically involved adult autistics who are living with their parents, or on government benefits.

So answer me this: If you know how to make your lives better, then why aren’t you making your lives better? There can be only two answers: Either you are lying when you say you know how to make your lives better, or you are just lazy. Neither is an acceptable attitude to have when people are fighting each others in stores over a single roll of toilet paper.

Do any of you really think anyone is going to put up with your tantrums and meltdowns now? Do you really think that these people are going to make exceptions for you when these neurotypicals won’t make exceptions for each other?

Wise up. Grow up. It’s the only way we’re all going to get through this crisis.

I’m in my 30s at the Genesis of Asperger’s, I had maybe one accommodation in public school because my parents fought tooth and nail for it. By my Junior year on my own I elected to fill into the mainstream of a high school of nearly 1,500. It can be done. I went to training school and was nearly self sufficient without accomodations. Later I went to community college, again without accomodations and while working part time and other necessitated duties.

Yes, I do have that same old job but if I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t be there and I get paid well to do it. I had other issues six weeks ago that necessitated me to move in with my parents until I get resituated.

I have seen it in action throughout the week in person autistics that have meltdowns because events are being cancelled. I used be that person until I learned the skills to become a adult. Yesterday, I got a call from my employer stating not to return to work for the time being after just being cleared to return (today was going to be my first day back) until this whole pandemic clears due to my employment being non-essential.

I have been a firm autism advocate all my life and even have a blog on it. However, my parents who I love graciously show me tough love . While staying with them I eat what they have and what is available.

No one likes to be told to stay isolated, but for the safety of our world it’s the best thing right now. Here we haven’t been told to do so but the signs are there. The local utilities ensured we would be connected throughout the outbreak. Technology is grateful. I have a lot of ideas when I likely have to be isolated. I got some books, movies, plan to author some. You have to be creative. You have to remain calm and listen to authories. My dad said it well today that we could be at war and be forced to do things. So be thankful. I communicated with my mentors about being frustrated about not being able to go back to work. They said they think God is telling me to take time for me and in my 34 years of living I have never done so. Everything happens for a reason.

I do understand that individuals have needs and it will be difficult for parents in the days ahead it will be difficult but it is a crucial time to gain the skill set because I’ve read where individuals are having difficulty, so brace yourself because I know it can be done and it isn’t easy but it makes a smoother family unit. Yes, there are individuals that will experience difficult items but this will teach everyone to be better prepared.

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