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Wellness Wednesday: The Importance of Accountability

Recently, I have begun to see the importance of all facets of wellness as it relates to me and my journey that I am on. I am realizing that it takes all facets to work in harmony to be well and the result will provide me the best experiences and opportunities possible

Through multiple conversations I have had the last few weeks that have continued, I am beginning to realize the importance of balancing all the facets of wellness into my daily lives as those with similar challenges should.  It has been proven that those with comorbidities can face detrimental effects to them if they do not take charge of their health and focus on improving it. For me those factors include the need to be accountable for my weight loss, following proper regimens for food, hydration and medication and getting enough rest, sleep and activity in my daily lives.

I have been attending a weekly weight loss support group for over 15 years and in March 2021 I weighed the most I ever weighed in my life. While I am somewhat active and was even more in some of 2021, the weight went down a bit, but fluctuates at times. Now through the summer at the support group, there are contests that can result in awarding not only at the local level but for the regional attendance area as well. Therefore, it has made me want to be more accountable for me so I can not only attempt to work on being awarded, but make personal achievements as well.

Being accountable is a huge facet in wellness. It means including every BLT (Bite, Lick and Taste) not only for the group concern, but for my own as well as it is done with setting weight loss, caloric water and activity goals.  Being accountable provides me with the answers of why or why not I may have lost weight in a timeframe and having a wealth of knowledge of beneficial choices that are proven can aid me in the process of making improvements.

Another facet of accountability is being compliant with taking my medications. Not doing so can result in not getting consistent, proper and healthy sleep. Because of past experiences, it can be difficult to establish the need to sleep when the brain is constantly overflowing with energy. The medication aids in this and other efforts and my support and those close to me know when I am not following my regimen. In the past two weeks, as with many things under the wellness umbrella, I have begun to realize the importance of medication along with all other facets and the benefits of doing so. Having a tracker helps in this effort and maintaining compliance and just taking my medications without contemplating whether I will be satisfied in doing so or not.

Being accountable for all elements of my wellness puts it and my overall life in perfect harmony and have begun that this is the only the beginning of the journey. While there is no race to get to where I want to go and I realize that I need to do many things to be well, I must understand that the process is not perfect and that when I fall a step back, I must pick myself up and move forward instead of regressing into old behaviors that may result in reversing my progress to the beginning or a less desirable outcome.

I can only take things one day at a time and do the best that I can at the present moment.

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