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Wellness Wednesday: Keep The Balll Rolling

Another week has come and gone since my last check in. I haven’t disappointed you as 2.5 pounds  just this week. In just six weeks I have lost 13.75 pounds. I have never in my almost fifteen-year journey at my local weight loss support group I’ve lost that amount of weight on a continual basis (although I had a minor setback after the first week, but came ahead the following week.)

I am now starting to realize the need to be more mindful of my calories by tracking every BLT (Bite, Lick and Taste) into my FitBit being mindful of what I am eating and not be grazing in the kitchen instead having a calorie free beverage if I really need it and of course making exercise a part of my regular routine.

In the almost 15 years of being in the support group, I never did the two key factors of losing weight asynchronously of eating less and doing more and realizing by doing both and not one or the other will forge bountiful results. Yes, I still struggle with wanting to the TOPS scale to be a certain number when I get on it each week, but I am slowly realizing that it just isn’t made to be that way at that very moment and that I need to be mindful all week of what I am doing if I want a good result and to be satisfied with the scale says, because as long as I do what I am to do, it will provide.

This year I actually put up by my personal scale on the tack strip the Monthly Goal Calendar that we get in the back of the magazine around Christmas. I, for the first time have taken it seriously to set monthly goals and track my progress, this month, I have a goal to lose 9 pounds. It may seem like a lot, but I feel it is doable and I have done so by losing 2.5 already, making it 6.5 over three more weigh ins until the end of the month with the last Monday being Memorial Day!

I know I will get there because I have faith and determination to get there. The weather is gloomy this week here, but I plan to be active in any way I can and if I can’t, I’ll just limit my calories, because that’s the great thing about a Fitbit is that it can calculate what you need to do to lose weight in a safe manner and keep you on track.

It can be hard when gong to grocery stores, especially hungry and after you do all that walking or have that good weigh in. It can be so hard to revert back to the old ways. For me, that would be buying a lot of chunk cheese and calling that a meal Bad idea. I would also make excuses to need a soda, in fact I still do at times and I know that it is a bad thing. I know I need to work on it and as the weight comes off occasionally, I feel as if like that good walk by fasting a bit and burning all those calories that I need to somehow have to refuel myself with the feel-good-not-good foods that are not a reward to my insides but rather cause reverse havoc on my system.

While I am not writing this week too much on walking it is because I haven’t been doing a lot of it due to the weather being unfavorable for several days at a stint. I know this is just another way of making an excuse, but I know that I have to fight it and be more cognizant of what I am indeed putting in my body that it will nourish my body properly and not give me an adverse effect. I know what I need to put in my body and we have experienced several days last week with unfavorable weather that I know that I need to be careful of my food intake and do what is right  Of note over the past week we walked a 2.4 mile up and back trip on the opposite end of the trail that was strenuous do to an higher incline but I burned over 1,000 calories and a trip this past Sunday morning when we went slightly over two miles in about 50 minutes, ¾ Mile without stopping to rest in most cases, only sitting on two benches, one on the way down and one in the middle, otherwise we didn’t stop except at the midpoint each time.

If it is up to be it is up to me

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