West Yough Panorama March 2022
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Reflections: Defending The Truth

Keeping on track with yesterday’s blog of accepting Reality, what often follows up is a cause to react when confronted of our realities that we immediately defend ourselves with why we do things the way we do or the picture we paint of what we want others to believe is the truth, but we are only kicking the truth further down the road and not accepting that we need to work on ourselves.

When we defend ourselves with what we think is the truth so we satisfy others or a requirement by falsifying what we are doing only hides what is really happening behind the scenes. When we as individuals compare the reality in comparison of what we tell others, we see a whole different picture of what really happened and as such can see why we did not get the desired outcome.

It may make us understand the need to stop making excuses or giving false perceptions of doing things because if we do things the way that we are prescribed to do so, then likely the desired outcome will result and progress will be made. Making false pretenses of what is really happening behind the scenes doesn’t help anyone, including yourself. You can only help yourself, You have to be the driver behind the changes that need to be made no matter how hard you may not want to make them or they may seem childish or immature.

Whether you have Autism or any other challenge, we are all unique, none of us come from the same mold. We have to realize what works for us. This can involve exploration and actually trying things that may seem unwanted to Uncomfortable for autistics because we want to do the same old things or something that makes us feel good. However, when we only experience that happy or good feeling for a very short time, was it worth the hiding and sneakiness of doing it?

While it can be difficult or scary to try new things that have benefits for improving what needs to be improved, you can’t say you don’t like it if you actually try something. If you know something is going to be challenging, make a strategy for a diversion or get away plan if that is needed. You also don’t have to like everything that is presented to you, it took me a long time to learn that. Autistics can indeed be very regimented and thrive off routines. 

COVID-19 taught many of us that things can change suddenly without notice. We must learn to do new things because the same things in life are not guaranteed forever, I have experienced many changes over the past three years, some sudden and some with notice. Having the skill to be honest, while another sometimes brutally honest trait in autistics can pay off. Being honest and accountable is the best policy, especially when you need to work on a goal or make a change for the better.

Defending that I have to do something the way I want to or not doing it and perceiving others as I am only defeats the purpose of what really needs to be addressed and improved. If I am continuing down the path I am on, I will continue to be in the same rut and face the same criticisms from others which will continue the circle revolving over again and again. I need to break the cycle or I must recognize that if I do not I will continue to hurt myself further, thus making it harder to make the progress that I want to.

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