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Wellness Wednesday: 2022 Rededication

So with the winter being the way it has been along with the COVID spikes. I have not had the opportunity to visit my weekly weight loss support group for over seven weeks. Learning that I had a loss of just one pound over that time has energized me to keep going in the journey and rededicate myself to getting real for 2022.

Other than my records, I normally don’t have a recollection from one year to the next at the support group. But due to a lucky event, I was able to see it there this week. I also had it on my online portal for that club too. However, at a time when I feel continually discouraged about my efforts in the weight loss arena, it gave some light at the end of the tunnel.

As part of that meeting, we read through a rededication pledge to start the year. While it is February, I feel that there is no better place to start than where we are today. I know I need to rededicate and get more serious as I have been flying by the seat of my pants for a very long time. Just as much as I talk about my mental health on my platforms, I know I really need to work on getting better physically. 

I know that when I do, it sounds like a broken record over and over that I try again only to get back to the way that I promised not to be. The fact is that the struggle is real and that sometimes getting through the hour can be difficult. I have been at this weight loss game for most of my adult life and I know that beating myself up about it doesn’t prove much but the fact that I don’t learn or follow through with what I am going to say and do. I can say that I am going to do something, but I know I have to be responsible and follow through with what I am going to say that I am going to do.

I’ve talked about many of my struggles and just harping on them over and over, the regret and the promises to do better won’t make them work. The work actually has to be done/. While I stated that in the seven weeks of not having a weekly weight loss meeting that I lost a pound. On a bigger token, in the course of 31 days, I have lost a little over three pounds. I know it isn’t much, but it is the spoke in the wheel that I know that I have to get started getting real with doing what I know what needs done. 

Saying what needs to be done in this blog, while could be an energy to affirm what needs to be done could also set me up for failure. I know what I need to do. Writing about it for me is not going to do it. Actually doing it is going to. 

I also know that in the beginning that it isn’t going to be easy to do the things that I need to do. I may experience some  deprivation from it. I’m going to want to revert back to the ways that I know that are unhealthy. I am responsible for the choices that I need to make. I know that Nothing is going to change unless I am going to accept that and make the change.

Of the 12 months of the year, February is the shortest. It, in my eyes, is the one to say that I actually can take a challenge on and try my best to follow it. I also know despite all my challenges that taking on a challenge is no way easy and that there is no excuse to throw up as a roadblock for not doing it. If it was easy, everyone would be a nice size and working towards being well.. All I know is the fact that I cannot beat myself up in the process and take it one day and sometimes one hour at a time. We can all have goals other than wellness, but as in any goal they cannot go anywhere unless we do our part and follow through with them and do what we need to do to work on them.

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