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Wellness Wednesday: It Has To Be For Me

I, like many, want to be well, regardless of years. I had a hard time accepting what I needed to work on and defending my harmful habits because I didn’t want to face the truthy and accept that I needed to make a lifestyle change because it isn’t easy.

Last week and leading into this week, there has been a lot of wellness developments made. It started with the past two weeks of meetings focusing on the need to focus on wellness at the day program I attend along with various sidebar conversations there as well. I also had a heartfelt conversation with my psychiatrist of the need to exercise in order to lose weight and while I believed that I was doing that and minding my food and drink intake to best lose weight, it had been proven that in fact I was not doing so as proven at the weight loss support group last week. 

Hitting various statements of reality throughout the week resulted in last week’s therapy session in trying to work on improving my wellness, particularly my soda consumption. Being honest, I realized that I was indeed consuming at least 3-4 liters daily of regular soda. I know that any soda is bad, and reluctant of past experiences of going cold turkey, prior to attending last week’s session I had attempted to do so again. Luckily I had to accept that despite wanting to do that, it never has been proven to work. Also what I needed to accept that I had to do for me.

Being newer at being independent, I often base many decisions that I make off of my mother’s advice and while I value her very much and know that she has my best interest at heart, I have to accept the fact that I have to be the one that wants to make an improvement for my health, not because she tells me so, not because I want to impress those at the weekly weigh-in, for me. I also know that I have to be the one behind the change, no one can lead me through it. I will likely be tempted everywhere I go, but I must not give in to things because they look good.

Accepting the fact that I have to start to curb my soda addiction by first cutting the calories and real sugars in half is what I had to accept that I need to do over the first few weeks to see if an improvement is being made. I also have to work on replacing that habit with another. I have seemed to take adding water to my diet more as everyone should have water in their diet and as of this writing it has been a nice addition to cutting out the caloric and additional values in the sodas as well. 

Another element is being totally accountable to the menu keeping along with the water consumption and keeping a separate log of the soda consumption. Counting EVERYTHING that passes my lips and not being selective of what I am logging is only detrimental to myself and only defeats the purpose at hand. Being accountable across the board will result in better results, including those at the scale, essentially where it matters at the weekly weigh-ins.

.With these few changes and the continuance of improving my exercise regimen as the weather improves for the better will only increase my efforts at reaching the goals of losing weight, improving my health and undergoing the ultimate lifestyle change. Change is never easy, especially being autistic and under a host of medications. But maybe hearing the need to work on wellness being continually preached recently will be the sign that I need to work on that lifestyle change once and for all.

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