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Wellness Wednesday: Small Strides, Small Progress

Well again, I am met with another accountability point. Two months ago I was given firm medical advice to get my weight under control as there were alot of factors related to my obesity that were not favorable. I was pleased to hear that I made good progress, but the journey is not over.

In the course of about eight weeks, I lost approximately 10 pounds and was asked just how I did it. I was unsure of how to answer because I really didn’t think that I paid that much attention to taking care of myself. However, I had been more accountable because of a group contest at my local weight loss support group and was in second place, so I must have been doing something right.

The main principle in my honest opinion was the fact that I had logged the food I consumed by the book. It isn’t like I hadn’t done this previously. I just was more precise about exactly what I consumed and stuck to my calorie limits while rarely going beyond them. It can take a lot of discipline to not engage in mindless eating, which is a big trigger for me. The key factor in not doing so for me was to stay out of the kitchen and not make the foods that are triggers not as accessible.

Another element that I also feel has been helpful in the efforts of losing weight was the tapering to diet soda. While still not a perfect situation, considering the massive, sometimes unknown daily amounts that I put in my body, limiting and eventually eliminating those calories was another big help in the process and currently the progress is continuing. I do understand the fact that diet soda is not a viable option in the long term but presently, I have been working in earnest to lessen the amounts I consume on a routine basis,

These were all choices that I knew I had to made and it had to take the doctor, who is to know best how my body works in relation to my mental health to say what needed to be said so that I didn’t no longer kick the can down the road as I had been doing for quite a while now. Yes, it may seem juvenile to make the adult decisions to choose what you want to consume, but when you can comprehend what you are doing isn’t ideal for your health and could lead to future risks that may not be able to be reversed, you need to do something about it.

I cannot say that it was a perfect process but it did work. I haven;t been as exercising as I should as summer arrived earlier than normal this year along with other commitments that made getting the necessary activity in my routine. However, I did my best to accommodate it when the opportunity presented itself.  It could have been easy to ignore the advice of those in professional roles and choose the status quo, but that would keep kicking that can down the road that could have had an unknown destination.

Summer is upon us and that is bringing things to the food palate that are inclusive of the traditional fare and can be hard to pass up. I know I don’t have to be held prisoner because of my concerns, yet I do realize the fact that I need to enjoy wisely should I choose to do so. I want to make this summer a better one while attempting to maintain the best maintenance regimen possible.

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