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Wellness Wednesday: A Better Plan in 2022

As this is the last Wellness Wednesday blog post for 2021, I like to recap the year and be thankful for the year that was given to me and set plans for the year ahead. 2021 has shown me that if I put forth the energy, things can be done. I can do it if I set my mind to do it. While I lost that kindred spirit in the second half of 2021, I am hoping to get it back in 2022.

In western Pennsylvania over the holiday, we were blessed with some warmer than normal weather and while there was a decent mix of precipitation over that period, I did have the opportunity to visit the rail trail that I frequented  the first half of last year. Only this time around, due to the efforts of a maintainer group and businessman, the trail has been widened and resurfaced, making it more enjoyable. I have to say it was nice to get on the river again and see the sights and sounds that I enjoyed last year. I know I have to return to getting back into a walking regimen again. While this week isn’t the best weather for that, I am hoping for better weather in the new year so that I can return to a better outlook on life.

I know for me, walking is what a key component for me to lose weight is. I know that I will never meet the standards that the nation has set for me due to the medication that has been set for me, but I will get to a more manageable weight that I can be healthier in. I know I need to be out of my home more and not be in so much fear as I have discussed yesterday in my COVID blog. The world is going to do what It is going to do, I just have to be mindful and careful of what I do to protect myself.

I also know another part of getting on the right track is eating healthier foods. While to me no food is forbidden from the palate, I must understand that too much of a certain food can cause weight gain and if that happens it becomes harder from it to come back off my body. I have to realize that this is a crucial part of the effort. I also have to accept that every exercise attempt does not have to be rewarded with food that many times is unhealthy for me and is oftentimes unnecessary for me to consume. I am very intelligent in knowing this. However, just as neurotypicals ignore the need of later damage to my body and accept the fact that everything that I do doesn’t have to involve stopping at an establishment that is equipped with those foods that numb the mental pain that I am experiencing at any given moment.

Lastly, I have to instill that in concert of the two aforementioned subjects that it is very important for me to continue down the path of maintaining my medication regimen. For over three years I have flirted with disaster for way too long and had been in some pretty contentious situations that could have cost me some key components in my life to be gone I must realize that I need to man up and be the adult, even though I have mental health challenges do the right thing by taking the medicine. Until I started fooling around with it, it was the thing that I knew that worked and kept me grounded. I am able to sleep well. I don’t lash out at people. I am not irritable, so I must understand that in order to do life’s activities and work on being well, I must continue on that regimen. It is key to maintaining my independence and not having to resort to other housing conundrums that would otherwise become unpleasant for me to be in. I must understand once and for all and not second-guess the fact that it is very important to take my medicine to stay safe and be well around others 

Here’s to a better than ever year ahead. There are things that I want to do that will require me to be physically and mentally fit to do so . I must understand that what has been ordered for me to do so must be followed in order to achieve these things and be there for others when I am needed to be there for them. I am just a more well-rounded more pleasant guy to be around when I do all the things I need to be well, I need to move past the past and plan for a brighter 2022.

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