Weight Loss, Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: It Gets Better

Welcome to yet another Wellness Wednesday. It has been a week of learning new things, celebrating achievements and being healthier. As you grow and learn from being healthier, it becomes easier for you and thus better in the long run. You lose more weight, and it is easier for you to do things.

We (My Mother and I) have been sticking to the same section of trail up to 1.6 Miles in each direction. Combined that will bring the distance of a 5K, which we hope to be walking in this summer on my 36th Birthday. I have walked it before, but my mother has not. It is one of her goals in life. We have been in consistent training for almost two months from when we made it from the trailhead stopping at the first three benches before turning around, to now where we went 1.6 miles without stopping and then stopping ¾ of a mile later, then finishing the walking with ease.

On the food front I am realizing that I don’t need a full course meal to satisfy my nourishment, having just the entrée and not the side is just enough for me. Also, the need to not have sugary beverages in the house, regardless or not they are calorized is another uphill battle I am fighting. It can be so easy to want to stop at a dollar store or somewhere similar just to get that fix or feed that addiction monster, when in reality what does it do but just numb the pain. I am accepting the fact that water as plain as it can be, is very nourishing and is very beneficial to me. When cold, it quenches my thirst and hydrates me to the degree that I need to. If I am desperately in need for some sort of caffeine laden nourishment then there is Green Tea should I want it, which I have acquired a taste to it better than I have in the past.

 I am also learning that keeping track of food is essential to ensuring that I am not overeating. Of course, I am grateful for the Fitbit app for assisting in this measure and the barcode reader that it provides that helps immensely. By doing this I ensure that I am burning out just as many calories that I am taking in or more, which is essential in weight loss and making it a fair fight with all the walking that I do so the weight comes off.

As far as the weight coming off, it has. I have lost nearly twenty pounds since switching gears to focusing on taking car of my body. This week when walking, we (my mother and I) were reflecting on where would we be if we hadn’t decided to start the walking almost two months ago. We would be sedentary and be constantly thinking of where we would get our next meal. Now, we know that we both have to be mindful of what we are both putting in and taking out in order to have optimal weight loss and that weight loss may not show up on the scales right away, but if we keep plugging along, eventually it will pay off in dividends.

It is essential to not forget from where we started in this journey and to remind ourselves of the positives in life. If we dwell on the negative thinking, we will never accomplish our goals, including those earmarked for bettering our health to its true value and honesty. I personally struggled with this for many years. Now, at almost 36 years old, something finally clicked and it clicked just at the right moment because my life was at stake when I decided to take care of my body. Essentially, if it wasn’t for my mother, then I probably wouldn’t be as encouraged to walk, but I do it as an inspiration for both her and I. I know it makes her proud of I and likewise I am proud of her for having the grit and determination to hit the trail on the days that I know she wouldn’t want to, but she knows like any exercise regimen that it must be done regardless of we want to, especially If the weather is favorable.

We will reach our goals within time, but we are doing so good at this moment that we can’t give up.

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