Fayette County Behavioral Health Administration Building
A Journal Entry, Acceptance and Awareness, Achievements, Healthy Lifestyle, Poetry

A Year Later. I recovered and I listened.

I took a picture of my serving of cheesecake last year as the day program was celebrating #NationalCheesecakeDay.

Shortly after, due to a multitude of factors, I experienced an intense meltdown because I was Unable to regognize the signs and take care of myself earlier.

It was what started the process of learning and growing and discovering more of who I was and what I need to do to stay well. I also realized what skills I needed to hone in on to properly manage myself in situations that I have no control over or may find unpleasant.

A year later, I can honestly say that I am in a much better spot than I was back then and that I have learned, grew and am continuing the lifelong process of recovery knowing that it is possible, probable and likely!

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