A Journal Entry, Poetry

Developing Better Habits

For too long I have felt needed to be engaged in something to keep my brain going.

But when it comes to realizing that I need to slow things down in order to recharge my batteries after keeping engaged for a long time and not doing the things that I need to do to take care of me, because I never acknowledged the fact that I needed to, it feels so good when you do have the time to “be you”.

A person who just needs to take time to slow down and enjoy the things in life before things wrap up and go back to their rigidity of the workweek where energy will be exhausted and you will again come to a point where you will again need to recharge from the early mornings and packed schedules in a world that is not made for the neurodivergent-sensitive.

Too much overload. All the senses, sights, sounds, smells, you name it.

When I get back here, it is too much and all I can do is relax and crash because it is all that my body can do until it regains some energy.

Being OK with that is something I have gradually accepted as time has moved on.

It also means that I have to face the commitments that being an adult requires with grace and understanding their necessity and that they just have to be what they are in the present moment.

It means that I have to grow up and do things that being an independent adult requires and that just because my brain wants me to think something, I don’t have to believe its false truth for what it is. It is doing what is necessary to take care of myself.

Setting goals for the week is also important in knowing what you need to do to make the week ahead a better one so that positive energy is kept so the week runs smoothly.

Planning to start the week off on a good note and focus my energy and needs more towards me and making this great week as just next weekend will be a three-day weekend.

Stay safe, followers!

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