Connellsville Glass Arch 2021
Achievements, Poetry

It’s never too late!

It’s never too late!

It’s never too late!
No matter how old you are
No matter if you haven’t matured the same as your peers
Or learned the same things you learned as they have.
It’s never too late.
To grow and learn and be who you want to be.
What you are feeling is happening for a reason.
Don’t let anything doubt you thoughts.
Because if it happens, then it is meant to be.
In a month of when we are supposed to be in love.
We have to love and be proud of ourselves.
Because if we are not, we can’t be there for others.
For others to be there for us, we have to be there for them.
They can teach us what we need to know when we are ready.
Because it is never too late!

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