Me Wearing a Pink Shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness

Behind the mask

Behind the mask hides the truth.
While I wear the mask proudly to protect myself against the looming virus.
I don’t show what I really want to show.
The toughness can be a good front.
But in the sound mind I am tired.
Tired of day after day in most cases.
A full day of activity can absorb a great amount of energy.

Whenever I get home I have to relax and reframe my mind that it’s going to be ok.
We’ll make it through today and we’ll regroup tomorrow.
Take care of myself, recharge my battery and start over tomorrow.
Using the tools in my toolbox and not straying away to the negative thoughts that can approach at any given time.

Battling autism and multiple mental health conditions in your thirties is not much different than two decades ago.
Yes in two decades since being out of a placement, it’s really going well.
After a three year rumspringa of sorts, I seem to be getting back on track.
I have to admit overall I am doing better, I along with many more are becoming easier to be burnt out.

I realize that I need to take care of myself and be grateful and focus on the positive side of my for I have more than not to be grateful for.
I need to keep the good spirit going and be more cognizant my mental health care and step aside when I need to.
Here’s to the second half of the week, hoping I can overcome whatever struggles i face and not be unable to manage them properly.
~ Dustin

Wearing Pink for Spirit Day at Day Program

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