Autism Acceptance Month
Acceptance and Awareness, Autism Acceptance Month, Poetry


I have autism…but it shouldn’t define me.
By my life or who I want to be.
What I wear or by my appearance of my own body.
It doesn’t matter, if I take care of it and not look shoddy.

I have autism…some have it harder than others
Each person’s severity differs from another’s
Regardless we all can think for ourselves.
And believe it or not, we don’t all line things up on shelves.

I have autism… and I have rights
Where I want to go, live and how I spend my nights
What I want to do in life, go to school, get a job and even drive.
It shouldn’t matter what I want if I stay alive.

I have autism…and I should be treated like the adult I am.
To do what I want as I want, if I am able, then I can.
Go places I never dreamed of, explore new places.
Even explore that golden dream or define my own spaces.

I have autism…and I sometimes I get portrayed badly in the media.
But a lot of us can still and can use an encyclopedia.
Many of us don’t own a gun nor do we want to commit a crime.
For we know of much better ways to spend our time
I have autism…and I have quirks
Sometimes we make odd jerks and smirks.
I don’t mean it, we just don’t know how to process the senses around us.
I am just having a difficult time and don’t mean to cause a fuss.

I have autism…and I seem antisocial.
However, that is far from the case; I want to be social.
I fear the initial contact and want to get to know you.
For all I want is someone to pay attention and talk to.

I have autism…I am different.
But we are perceived as indifferent.
If you met one person on the spectrum,
Then you just met just that, a person on the spectrum.

I have autism…for it is just is what is defined as, a spectrum.
For in many places we don’t seem to fit with the right kind of system
It exhibits a broad range of behavior, some very light and some very severe.
But what should matter most is that we all want to persevere.

I have autism…but it shouldn’t define me.
By my life or who I want to be.
All I want is for you to accept me.
For who and what I want to be.

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