Murray Run March 2022
A Journal Entry, Poetry

Gratitude for Laundry

Somedays, you have to be thankful for something like your own washer and dryer and the luxuries it provides you because many take it for granted, and today was one of those days.

Now I know there are friends that have to share, etc. and many know I have been there and this is not a way to discount that. Rather it can be easy to take the simplest things in life that many have and put something off as simple as doing laundry because it is Sunday and I am in that don’t care attitude.

I know, as many people who live on their own, laundry is one of those necessities of life that is just one of those things you got to do, and I always want to make excuses why I don’t/won’t/can’t do it, but it is a Sunday afternoon. The shopping is done, it is raining outside and the laundry room is just down the steps, yet I want to be lazy and not want to do it.

But in reality, getting started and making it to put them in the washer is the hardest part of getting started. I know I will have such a great sense of pride when I do it, so as I was going down the steps with my laundry basket, I began to think about those who do not have the luxury of just going to a washer and dryer and the battles many faces when having to do something such as having clean clothes.

I know something simple, but yet I have to show gratitude for on this Sunday, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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