Allegheny Mountain Tunnel #2 West Portal

Diversion From Thoughts.

Sometimes I am challenged by ruminating thoughts.
They are hard to divert from.
Just saying to STOP or GO AWAY is hard for me to accept.

Sometimes, no matter what someone tries to do, it can be hard to accept the fact that I just can’t stop brewing what is in my head, even though it is irrational and causes overreaction.

Sometimes I ruminate so much until I say things that aren’t how I truly feel about something.
Sometimes after venting those thoughts, sometimes not as lucky, I wll divert my thought process away from what I is detrimental to my thought process.

It isn’t like I don’t have anything I could do to keep myself occupied, for some reason I cannot sometimes reframe my thoughts to get away from what is negatively affecting my brain at that moment amd even though its silly, it is still hurtful to others feelings when I say these things because they seem like I am selfish and its all about me.

Sometimes I must realize that everyone has some of the feelings that I am experiencing and many times I am looking to taunt someone to get a reaction that only makes them more angrry when I know I have the skills to reframe my thoughts.

If I could only stop it before it crashes.

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