June 2022 Sunset

Settling in for the Night

Settling in for the night can be tough.

There’s so much going through my head.

Things that I want to do and things that I don’t want to do.

I know I have to say goodnight in a little while and there will be the promise of tomorrow.

It’s tempting to not want to not go to sleep, be stubborn and not do the right thing and not go to bed.

But what does that solve or how will it make things better or okay?

Lack of sleep or medication will make things worse.

But for almost the past four years, I continue to have this conversation in my head and I know I have to do the right thing because I have work tomorrow.

But it’s really tempting to not do the right thing.

In reality, being an adult and having responsibilities is rough, but all that with autism makes it really rough.

10 Minute Meditaton for Sleep.

Note: Some of the things that have been aiding me in getting ready for bed in addition to the medication is journaling and a guided sleep medication along with limiting caffinate product before bed. I did sleep well that night and despite my fears of oversleeping, I got up right on schedule the next day. I will also include the video I use to get me into place for bed.

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