Sticking To My Plans

Today being Independence Day in the US, the day program I attend has social hours as the sponsoring agency is closed.

Social Lunch: Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pasta Salad and Coke Zero
Social Lunch

For the last few weeks, I chose to go today… but keeping that commitment was tough as it can be sometimes.

But I knew for my peers…I knew I needed to remain committed to attending as low attendance could cause the event to be cancelled, and I didn’t want to be the reason for that happening.

So I continued to remain committed to attending, especially after getting a confirmation text last night.

Anxiety woke me up a few hours early because I was afraid I’d sleep in, it gave me time to grab breakfast on my own before embarking on a 1.5 hour van ride due to short staffing.

Once there, I did my part and helped prep foods and clean up before embarking on the 1.5 hour journey home in reverse.

On the way home I began those negative thinking patterns, yet there is so much to be thankful for.

I got home and it has been happening, I needed to recharge from the busy day I had, and after, I wanted to feel angry.

But then I remember… this is autism, and all things considered, mentally and emotionally I am doing quite well all things considered.

It’s everything that I need to be thankful for that matters, not the small gripes.

Happy fourth of July, celebrate safely and respect the reason for the holiday.

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