Adulting: It’s OK to NOT Want To Be A Friend To Someone

Yes, almost every Aspie/Autistic want nothing else than to have a friend, right? But, what if that “friend” doesn’t have any similarities than you do or doesn’t value your input to the level that you feel they should? What if that friend makes you super anxious and causes you to go into a state of autistic burnout or shutdown so you don’t have to tackle the issue head on? Then, this is certainly no friend in any means.

Adulting: Financial Priorities

These are two key faults that I must feel must be addressed with any autistic before they move on their own independently, leaning specifically with the consequences of not paying attention to their financial situation and how dire it can become if one follows a misleading advertisement or is focused on their interests rather than focusing on their independence.

Adulting: Doing The Simple Things

As we are entering yet the resurgence of COVID and if we haven’t been, I have taken notice of the many routines of autistics upheaved by this angry pandemic, myself included. It hasn’t been easy to adjust to the many routine changes this year, but with each transition it comes better. With that one must understand what may come easy to the neurotypical adult in many cases isn’t natural to the autistic person.

Adulting: Age-Appropriateness

what I would receive for Christmas may not have always been kindly acknowledged or accepted by me and sometimes I would not express proper gratitude for the gifts. Now some things you would say were not appropriate for my age. So many autistics sometimes can have a liking for things that do not measure up to their age level.

Adulting: Loneliness

This week is going to present challenges in attempting to not be lonely and with the onset of Thanksgiving in the US it will be extremely rough because many both on and off the spectrum will for the first time in our lives be experiencing the holiday in a way that we have not been used to. We as a nation and community must persevere and grow and learn from it. Reach out to necessary supports should you need them there’s several of them out there!

Adulting: The Need To Be Appreciative of Help

For the majority of my life I was know as the “Spoiled Little Brat” when I don’t get my way or I don’t like the way things are done. Sometimes we don’t realize that while we don’t like the way things happen or the way others do things for us, especially when they are extending a branch of themselves to give you a helping hand when you are in need. Sometimes autistics have a hard time understanding this and are not always appreciative of the help that is offered, sometimes by their own family, which can result in a skewed relationship.

Adulting: The Big Day

Well, it’s been an exciting week to say the least. In a little of a week-and a half time, I had an interview for housing, toured an apartment, took a weekend to think about it, signed a lease, got the furniture and household items ready and made the move in a single day. I couldn’t think of a turnaround from two chapters ago to this new chapter in such a short time (five months) But, the powers put things in happening for a good reason.

Adulting: Realizing When It’s Too Much for You

One thing I have learned in this chapter of my life I am currently in is that I am realizing that I do in fact struggle with some tasks that others do not as far as it comes to independence. For the longest time struggling with coming to terms that you can have intelligence and obsession about somethings but some basic skills, like cleaning for example you just don’t have the niche for.