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The World Does Not Revolve Around Me

Being autistic, the brain can only think in finding comfort in the ways that we seek rigidity or regimented behavior because it is predictable and comes many times without distress or discomfort. It can also be hard to be receptive to other ideas, opinions or changes in the way life happens.

For the longest time growing up, my parents brought to my attention that the world doesn’t revolve around me. When things do not go to plan or when someone brings something to the field of discussion that I do not approve of, it can be hard to allow myself to be receptive to either a change or someone else’s opinion. Many times being autistic, we are provided the options that make us comfortable and less of an issue in the overall picture because others do not like when we are irritated or cause a disruption to the flow of something.

Likewise we like it, but it also creates a deficit in allowing us as autistic individuals to be flexible when things simply cannot get the way we want them to happen or that someone else brings an idea or thought to the table that we may not like or find pleasant. This is when it is essential to realize that it is important to be receptive to the ideas, especially when the majority of the audience agrees with something that you do not agree with or something happens beyond the scope of which it is possible to happen. It can be challenging when these things find us discontent, discomfort, or unenjoyment, but this is when it must be realized that you can’t always have what you want in life. 

No one likes when they do not get what they want, however, it is important to remain as calm as  you can and employ the necessary coping strategies and defense mechanisms needed in order to properly regulate yourself so you do not react negatively and what can already be a volatile and challenging situation more challenging and cumbersome. Sometimes, a reason is not provided for why something has to be a certain way or it can come without little time to transition or try to change the thought or way you think it should be. 

You should have the right to voice your opinion or view on the issue, but it must be done in a calm and collected state of mind. It is likely when the energy is abundant is when it is not the best time to express your opinion because it may come across in a less desirable way than you intended on it being delivered and as such it may not be as valued as it should be. It is imperative for the autistic person to properly regulate himself so you do not react negatively at anyone and make an already challenging and volatile citation more challenging. As a general rule, you should allow, if you can, 45 minutes to an hour to properly de-escalate and properly regulate yourself to be in a better state of mind.

There will be instances when things do not go according to plan, but allowing yourself to be receptive and learn to properly manage yourself so that you can endure the challenges you must face will allow the unpleasant situation become more manageable for all involved and thus prevent a adverse negative reaction from occurring and presenting a less desirable version of an autistic individual.

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