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Loving Yourself

For the longest time and still at times, I can be unhappy with myself and not love myself for who I am. But as time goes on it is important to love myself and in fact I am starting to do so and as such it has made me a much happier person than I used to be.

Sometimes in life, we are unhappy with the outcomes that life presents us and we don’t think that life we are handed the wrong deal in life as if we are punished for the way things are in our lives and we are constantly mad at ourselves because we think we are given opportunities that we don’t think we want or like.

Even though they are not at times exactly what we want them to be, there comes a time in our lives that we just have to accept them for what they are and be happy with them because deep down, we realize that things could be worse than what they are and why should we continue down the trail of misery bringing everyone down the pike with us causing strife just because we are unhappy?

Life is not always going to go the way that we want it to be. We have setbacks or challenges in life that sometimes make us take a few steps back from where we are in life and when an opportunity presents itself it can be hard for us to see that we need to be grateful for what it is, even if we don’t totally like everything about it.

I was always a big non-believer of the good ol’ fashioned pros and cons list, until recently I was feeling disgust for the life that I have to live, and then I did it. I made it into colorful colors that I could enjoy and see whether each situation was either good or bad. I used red for “bad” and green for “good”. As I finished the sheet, I saw that there was more green in the current situation and that I needed to focus more on being happy with the way things are and take pride in it.

Sometimes, life presents us with reminders that we need to be grateful for the opportunities that we have and that we need to love ourselves for being the best version of yourself that you can be. This means accepting yourself for the entire package, challenges, flaws, identities, feelings, everything, otherwise, you will not be happy with who you think you are not or don’t have or want in life.

Life is never easy, and that can be said for me that it has multiple challenges in my life. But somehow, I seem to rise above the challenges that come my way and tackle them head on. However, life will never be balanced if I do not find pleasantness in the world I am in or that I must endure. It sometimes has its challenges or not have all I want in it, but I must understand that sometimes we cannot have everything that I want in my life and sometimes things just aren’t necessary to have and cause more issues than you need.

Regardless, I need to focus on making life the best I can by loving myself and everything that comes with it. It can be hard sometimes to fight the challenges that are needed to be fought and life may not always give us what we really want, but sometimes it gives us what we need to have the best life that is destined for us.

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