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Getting Through Life’s Challenges

It can be hard to say that I get through Life’s Challenges quite easily especially in a world that is many times not built to meet my needs. Whatever life throws at me, I somehow conquer it and fight it off and become myself and even better sometimes because of it.

This came to light last week when some hard truths came forth. Sometimes you need to hear how close to the edge you are teetering with some things and at that moment I learned why I was feeling the way I felt. It was basically because of the many struggles of life. While this is not a woe is me moment or an excuse to throw a pity party because of my mental health, autistic or other challenges that come my way. 

I had to learn that even though out in the open I fight my challenges as if they seem like they are nothing. Deep down inside I grieve just as much as anyone else when I cannot do the things that many take for granted. It sometimes seems as if the simplest of things started at small intervals over a decade ago and became more immense in recent years. I know that I have to make a change for the better and that it has to start with me no matter how I face it.  Not doing so will only put things I treasure in life in peril and I do not want that to happen.

These are just some of life’s challenges, but somehow I keep going and fighting them day in and day out. I just remain so resilient and don’t give up for one reason or another. I sometimes want to be jealous or upset at what others may have but I do not many times see the whole picture of the load that they must carry and this produces flawed thoughts that I can sometimes run away with and think I need a better life, however, I don’t realize that I need to live in the here and now and be here in the present moment.

Sometimes I look past the challenges and just do what is needed without a fear of being judged, but often second guess if I do the right thing all the time. Having a social media presence, whether it is personal or professional at times balances the fact that there are people thar genuinely care about me and want to see nothing but the best for me. It always warms my hear when I read those kind comments made when I am doing something that I say I can’t believe that I do. It is hard to imagine that I am out there, sometimes daily, breaking the stigmas and fighting just as much as the everyday person. 

Nonetheless, even though I often wallow in my own self-pity, I know that it cannot be a continuous thing and let it get out of my personal reach or out of control. Sometimes you just only allow yourself to handle what your brain and body can manage at the given moment. Sometimes you just need to take a day off, and in fact I encourage it. Too much our body is on auto-pilot and we can’t stop running. We need to recharge our batteries and be ready to move forward. Sometimes it takes saying no to things we are asked to do because it makes our life more challenging. We just have to know our own instinct best and know what we can muddle through day by day. 

Whatever your challenges may be, don’t give up and fight stronger than you ever fought, but know when you cannot do something and be mindful of your time, use it wisely because we only have one life to live and we need to make it our best.

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