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Concentrating On COVID: Waning Fear with Sensibility

As I enter 2022, I do so with less worry as I did in 2021. Becoming faithfully grounded and spiritually abundant that I will be OK in a world that is going through some pretty wild stuff right now is a big thing. I am not ignoring that it isn’t there, rather I am living life as I should do, because that is the only way we will get out of the fear mongering state I have been in last year. 

I, as many feel, are tired of COVID. Does that mean that we are ignorant of that? No, we just have to be more sensible. We know for the majority of things, being vaccinated and boosted provided a better outcome should someone be contracted with the virus. However, the decision as to whether or not to vaccinate should be the decision of oneself or one responsible for the care of another being. No, I am not downplaying the fact that the virus is bad, however the science behind the vaccine is proven to diminish the symptoms one may experience when contracting the virus.

In a world where our routines have been abruptly changed quite often, we as autistics have tolerated many upheaving changes to our routine in the almost past two years.I, for one have been through numerous changes before the world changed, then it changed. I guess it was setting me up in a way for what the world was going to go through. As time progressed, I am coming to terms with how the world is going to work. It has brought advancements and awareness to how we do things in the world as a result of this terrible disease.

The way by the country leading how we initially combatted the pandemic was an eye opener of how the world can come to a screeching halt. Several months later, that decision was given to the leaders of our state government to make sure we were safe. They mandated occupancy limits, implemented vaccine distribution and eventually kept the wheels turning on the ongoing pandemic. In my state I wish there was more protective measures, but it is what we have. It has to get better and it is senseless when I as a human being become afraid of doing activities because of a national pandemic. Especially when these activities are in no way interfering many times with other human beings or distancing can be maintained. I already go to program and work and do not question those motives, so why would I huddle myself in my home because of a virus. Yes, things are different, this is how they are going to be,therefore I need to get used to them so I become better grounded for when the weather breaks and more outdoor activities will be available to do. 

Likewise, a looming national pandemic doesn’t give me the excuse to feel sorry for myself because I think I have a horrible life. I need to reach out to those natural supports I have because they want to hear from me. I shouldn’t shield myself away because I don’t feel like I am deserving of such activity. As my mother says sometimes, I need to think of someone else for a change besides myself. I know I struggle in this area and it needs improvement. I must not live in a heightened sense of anxiety because the world has set us in fear. I have vowed to not be that way in 2022 and I am not going to be. 2022 started off with rain and now a traditional weathered (colder) week has been bestowed upon us in my little town. However, as I am writing this I realize the fact that although the weather isn’t as nice as I would like it to be, I cannot let it deter me from living my motto. While there are no physical activities in the community, I have tools at my disposal to entertain myself so that I do not end up bored and result in that retratish behavior that I am known to do. I must stop living in the negativity and retractive trait that this pandemic has brought forth in my daily routine. I cannot let these circumstances overrule my opportunity at being the optimal person who I can be despite the challenges given to me. I have done all the right things to protect myself from getting the virus, therefore I cannot continue to live in fear of something that will likely not happen to me because I am already doing the right things to protect myself from contracting it.

Here’s to a less fearful 2022, and hopefully better turnaround from this nasty virus. I know for those that have challenges going through change, it isn’t easy and I am right there with you in that arena. However, sometimes change is better and while it may not seem so at first, in the end it can become a great thing.

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