Highlands Hospital in 2017
COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Fearmongering

While this COVID-19 Pandemic continues on nearing the two-year anniversary of what is known as the Pandemic. When COVID-19 was established as a pandemic back then, it was suggested it would be over in just two weeks, then they needed a month more, then another month before things got somewhat normal. However, nearing year two, it seems with the advancement of vaccines and such, the numbers are not as emphasized or hyped about as much.

It can be hard to watch the news anymore, which I pretty much limit myself to 20 minutes a day and usually only as a method to wind down from the day. That is enough time for two segments that contain the headlines of the region such as a fire, some weird school directive or incident, a act of violence, or something, but always included within that 20 minutes I watch the news is something about COVID and something about Vaccines or the Importance of being vaccinated.

While I do have to agree that it is proven that vaccinations do work. We don’t specifically know for sure that they can fight what is needing to be fought against a person. There have been breakthrough cases, some ending in hospitalization even, although not extremely bad. I get that vaccines only provide an extra line of defense. However, whether one chooses to get one or not is their choice and it must be able to be accepted and respected. There is many reasons people don’t want to get vaccinated. What that is is their business. I understand that we are under a race to vaccinate the nation and decades ago, we had people line up at vaccination clinics in common places across the country to get a jab or sugar cube against polio, for example. Many states allow for exemptions for certain reasons, including my home state for children. Although one person may think that it is the right thing to do, the next person may have a totally different reasoning behind it.

With all the aforementioned factors in mind, we see the fear mongering messages on Social Media Platforms and other methods of communication to encourage citizens to get vaccinated. It has become to the point that this message gets across to our younger generation and places them in fear of getting vaccinated, although that may not be the choice of those that are responsible for their care. While we want to combat the virus, pushing subliminal messages on platforms where those who are gullible frequent isn’t the easiest solution. When choosing as to whether or not to get yourself or someone that you care for vaccinated, be sure to do your research so you are aware of whether or not you are certain that you want to begin the vaccination process.

While the process is simple and widely proven to be well, it affects everyone differently and that is something to consider. Like many treatments and vaccinations, with benefits also comes risks that you must be aware of. For specific information related to you, it would be advisable to ask the advice of your doctor which vaccine would work best for you. This has been a developing situation in 2021 and it is continuing to develop as I am writing this.

There is planning taking place for a Omicron-Specific COVID-19 Vaccine. While we don’t know the details, we know that Omicron, while in its infancy, has many symptoms of a Cold or the Flu. There have been cases in the US and as of the day of this writing, those that fly in the USA, regardless of vaccination status will be required to have a negative PCR test result 1 day prior to boarding a plane for the US. It buys us time and helps bring down the spread and isn’t an end-all situation but hopefully it doesn’t evolve severely.

With that in mind,please keep in mind that the holiday season is approaching again. Typically, this means heightened COVD-19 cases so please try to be extra careful when being around others, regardless of vaccination status or beliefs you have about  COVID. It takes everyone to do their part to ensure we protect as many as we can from possible exposure and contraction.

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