My High School in 1971
COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: A Really Scary Time

The last week brought forth an unscheduled vacation due to the unforeseen circumstances of several coworkers within the confines of the office contracting COVID or being an exposure or close contact of someone. Fortunately after much investigation, it was discovered that I was not affected. Nonetheless, I caused a great amount of anxiety and worry about many things.

While we are nearly a year and a half into a virus that has mutated into sometimes many unknown variants, we really in many ways yet don’t know how it affects us and others. That is why I feel it is important to wear a mask when indoors or around others where distancing cannot be ensured. It is also important to get vaccinated. I know that there are many belief systems and great division of both of these very important tools of battling the virus. However, I feel it is what prevented me from possibly showing symptoms of falling ill in some way.

In addition to the aforementioned tools, another key to preventing others from being sick is the importance of when you are showing symptoms to remain at home until they symptoms pass for a few days and if not get in to a doctor or care center to address the concerns. It is a common sense practice that in my day program that was stressed for years, however is now very much mandated and a defense in ensuring that others in the facility do not become ill. The same can be said by following all handwashing norms such as after using the restroom and at other intervals.

In the time that it was told to me that there was exposure to COVID, it was suggested to me to remain away from the office until things were figured out and a plan was devised on where to proceed. As such, I was increasingly worried and was very fortunate to have a very nice employer buy us all digital forehead temperature readers last year so we could do self-screenings. Until this summer, the day program did this prior to boarding the van. However with that non-existent at this time, I still feel that it is important to self screen prior to each work day. You may think I am being extra cautious. Nonetheless, autistics such as myself can have a high tolerance of pain and may not recognize when symptoms of COVID may be present. Therefore, for me it is important for me to follow this practice.

As far as masking and vaccines go, I understand your decision on whether or not to do either is one’s choice. I also recognize there are several instances that wearing a mask is unable to occur for some. This has been shown in local school board meetings and has lead these once mondane meetings to be an arena of contentious debate as to whether follow the mandates brought forth by state government leaders making board members having to follow suit regardless of what the voice of their constituents dictate. These meetings have been also very much a cause for concern due to many of the attendees commenting using the system by claiming medical exemption to avoid wearing masks into the meeting venue and then when advised that the meeting would be cancelled by not doing such, a healthy compromise of social distancing or viewing the meeting online as a option is refused , it put the board of directors at a very contentious decision,. 

Whether or not one can or cannot wear a mask or get a vaccine is your concern and I feel it is your business, however as a citizen of society you must do your part to protect others to ensure that they do not fall ill., Use common sense, keep your distance and stay at home if you are sick and follow all orders that are given to you, do not defy them.

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