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COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Vaccine Effectiveness/Resurgency

Just spending today reading the 72-hour case count of COVID cases in my county in the 400s has me being extra careful. I have been very precocious over the past week due to those not in close contact but those I know being “breakthrough” cases. As when the vaccines first came out we were uncertain of its effectiveness in the long term, we are learning new things everyday and is likely the reason why the FDA has approved booster doses for certain populations and the elderly.

It doesn’t surprise me that we are experiencing a resurgence of this magnitude again this year. Even with the evolution of the vaccine in 2021, many are still reluctant to get vaccinated. Although some venues require being vaccinated to attend some events along with certain entities requiring it for employment or participation in their employment or services. Yet, I believe that the choice to vaccinate is a personal decision that must be fully understood. The past month I have lost too many to COVID and it was people that I really valued. The domino effect of COVID related deaths has affected so many people, although some are quick to blame the other reasons. However if precautions were followed, then it would be likely they wouldn’t be in a precarious position with their health.

Nonetheless, I or anyone cannot control other persons from doing what they choose. It only brings forth heated arguments and an even more vulnerability to become infected. Therefore I know that I must do my part to ensure that I remain safe and utilize all possible safeguards at my disposal. Sometimes I am given looks in public when I choose to daunt the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and keep my distance. I know I have to take it like teflon skin and not let it get to me. I also have to be aware of what I do outside my home and who I let in my home so that I can build up that extra defense so I do not become sick.

Would I like to return to life as it was in March 2020, Yes! Although some things have changed since then for the better. I would like many things to return to what they were and not see the reminders that we see in the stores like the distancing markers and the protective shields. However, I am afraid that some of those may not go right away. Granted, we rarely see the directional aisles in stores, which really made me angry when people who were doing everything wrong. Things for some part have improved, but have also taught us new things, like utilizing technological features like Zoom and other platforms to connect with others. Additionally, the ability to live stream and hold events virtually is a great asset especially if one lacks transportation or feels anxious about attending something that they feel uneasy doing.

While the pandemic has been a learning curve for so many things, nothing will replace the way things used to be. However, we are hopefully making a turn to see the brighter side of doing things in a “new normal”, whatever that might be. It may not be the way we did things back then, but we are way ahead where we were last year. While I believe that some better government oversight needs to take place to prevent further outbreak and additional spread and I think everyone can agree no one wants to visit any restricted environments like we did last year. I personally feel that some government officials have turned a blind eye to avoid backlash or protest and just run the bare minimum. Sadly, it is more about prevention than protection these days and therefore I must do my part to ensure that I remain safe. I have been lucky to not have contracted symptoms thus far. It can be hard to continue fighting the fight when many others are not and not caring about their safety and yours, but you cannot worry about what they do, you can only keep your guard up and do all you can to protect yourself. I get it, we are all tired, but if we all do our part to keep everyone safe, then we will be better off in the end.

Hoping for brighter days as we continue down the COVID road.

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