Concentrating On COVID: It’s Getting Real

If any time during the COVID-19 Pandemic has come to the point that I am scared, it is now. There’s looming talk of restrictions, plans for the holidays are suggested to be held in other ways than the traditional methods that we have been used to all our lives. Plans are being made in the event that lockdown occurs, although we are assured by state officials that it’s not going to happen.

Concentrating On COVID: Acceptance of Changes and Indifferences

As we are in the middle of a resurgence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I have slowly learned that I cannot change the world because not everyone believes what I believe. Some say I buy in too much to the media, however the facts are data driven and persons in the world are experiencing sickness more than ever.

Concentrating On COVID: Media & Resurgence

as the pandemic grows and grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to watch it because all of the looming hype and fear driven numeric, events, so forth. It isn’t like weren’t aware of a resurgence in the fall, it was preached to us at the onset. We knew cases would dwindle in the summer and climb back up in the fall, added with many schools reopening to only have them retract back to virtual due to infection, again, we knew this was coming.

Concentrating On COVID: Making Changes for the Better

Now, I am not saying that I am experiencing a serious mental health emergency, but I know I need to bring some things to the attention of the medical professionals. Some if it, such as the sedentariness and lack of food intake is my fault and I take responsibility for that, without a doubt. It’s been an issue for several decades and the medicines that I have been on for that length of time have certainly not helped much, rather have made me gain nearly 100 pounds in over two decades, something I am not proud of.

Concentrating On COVID: Continuing to Have the Right To Vote

My summary is, regardless of who you vote for this Presidential Election, I will still be your friend. I will still be friends with you on Facebook. I will not shame you because I dislike your choice either. Friends in the past didn’t split up because they voted for different candidates and I don’t think now is the time we start doing that either, we need friends more than ever now!

Concentrating On COVID: Respecting the Unmasked

As we pass our six months under a worldwide pandemic, I personally see more protections being laxed specifically the mask wearing and social distancing. More opportunities are being made available for those not wishing to be respectable of the rules and sometimes cause strife with those who must be the enforcers of these rules.

Concentrating On COVID: Knowing You Are Not the only one with these feelings.

We’ve been in this COVID state for over six months now. The over stimulated, over sensualized media reports, the big deals made out of the small things. However, many, including myself have a hard time realizing that we are not the only ones facing the daily struggles of daunting the PPE and heading out to a modified normal routine.

Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help

Tonight, as I am writing, I had a really bad day. My supports all cancelled on me, and I know it wasn’t my fault. But It gave me a sense of pouty kind of attitude, sometimes you just need to just talk to someone. COVID is teaching me more and more everyday the need for … Continue reading Concentrating on COVID: Realizing I need Help