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COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Yes, We Still Have To Worry

The past few Tuesdays I did stray away from the COVID course and talk about employment. However, I feel as if I need to return to the topic of COVID again as it is becoming more relevant in recent days. I know it is taxing to hear it as it is for me. We just want it to be over. We want to have to stop wearing masks and being mindful of what is abound, yet we can’t hide the truth that it is still out there.

I only say this because the proof Is in the pudding so to speak, the country is seeing resurgences of sickness and we as people must be mindful. That includes having to wear a mask. I know it is tiring to have to deal, and that many governments once removed the mask mandate only to have to bring it back. So, we autistics and others with challenges will still have to keep it in the back of our mind as at times we need to mask up when in close contact with others as it may become necessary if a strand of the virus remains unsavable. I know firsthand this virus has been very trying on all of us and our mental health. I for one am tired of hearing of the updates on the news and then the news emphasizing on them again. It is very taxing on our mental health and will cause us further stress.

While we cannot choose the actions of others and what they think, we can do our best part and use our intellect and be mindful of how we interact with others in this trying time. If we have the slightest inkling of COVID-related symptoms, then we need to be protective and be mindful of others and stay home and protect the others. When in public as COVID has taught us, we need to keep our space between others and practice what we have learned whether or not we are masked, these were some of the greatest things we could have learned.

Yes, I would like to give hugs to my friends and show physical contact again, however we aren’t out of the woods yet and must be protective of others yet. I know this can be hard to understand for some autistics and may produce a feeling of rejection. However, ensure them that they wouldn’t want to become sick by doing this and others likewise may not feel comfortable with hugs and handshakes or any kind of touching as of yet.  Sharing objects should remain off limits too and this can be hard to accept in others.

Although non-speaking autistics may be unable to properly express what they understand abut the virus, they many times do listen and comprehend what they do hear and do understand that they have to be careful. It may be that they may not be able to control their feelings because they have been so cooped up in a world that has been sheltered away for so many. Unbelievably, while many autistics cannot tolerate the ability to universally mask, to the contrary there are many that can do it and want to do it because they don’t want to experience sickness and they know it is the best thing to do to protect themselves.

It isn’t about what theory you want to believe. It is about the science and what people who are sick truly experience. The truth about this virus isn’t easy to accept at times and our government leaders are taxed with making decisions that are sound, yet making the country livable and the populace at ease without having an upheaval. Whether one chooses to vaccinate or not is their decision and we cannot change that. This is America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. We are free of choice for a reason. People because of their belief system cannot alter the way another’s belief system about what they hear or what they choose to do. While everyone has their opinion, we must respect that while understanding we too have the right to do as we see fit in order to protect ourselves in the manner that we see fit so that we don’t get sick and we would wish that the world as a whole as was kind and that others would respect what we believe and not take it as political as many have been, Listen to all.

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