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COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On Covid: Why Disabled People worry about COVID

This week, I wanted to share how one other autistic blogger shares on Social Media has shown the autism community how and why we as parents and autistics and autistic self-advocates take the COVID-19 Outbreak so seriously. I feel that instead of me writing my feelings this blogger shares a glimpse of just how autistics are living our daily lives in these challenging times with just the virus alone, not counting the upheaval in things we were used to pre-pandemic and the constant change that we as autistics have to be “at the ready” for.

Full text of Facebook Post:

“Beginning of covid:

Scientists: “it is scary. We don’t know who will get it. Everyone needs to be safe. We are closing everything to keep people alive.”

Everyone: “ok yes. We will do what we need to do.”

Me: “thank goodness many people are taking this seriously.”

A few months later:

Scientists: “the elderly are being affected worse, which means the majority may be ok in terms of death.”

Everyone: “We can get the kids going back to school again and mask mandates need to be lifted. We need to move on with our lives.”

Me: “But, I care about the elderly. Why is everyone going back to normal? Maybe people will care more if disabled people get it bad too.”

Scientists: “disabled people get it worse and aren’t treated the same in hospitals. They aren’t getting the same level of care. This is serious for them and deadly.”

Everyone: “Well, I’m not disabled or elderly so it doesn’t matter. Can we go on cruises now? I want to travel.”

Me: “Ok, well I bet if kids were getting it, people would care. People care about kids, right?”

Scientists: “delta is worse in kids then other variants; it spreads easier and is wreaking havoc along with RSV. We have to take this seriously.”

Everyone: “Places better stay open, governors are making mask mandates illegal and things are full steam ahead, even though “the news” says it’s bad. We don’t believe the news or scientists. If my kid has to wear a mask at school or to their extracurricular activity then I’m going to sue! We have freedoms and my kids have an immune system for a reason!”

Me: “Ok. I get it. People just don’t give a shit. They didn’t care about our elders, they didn’t care about disabled people, and they certainly don’t care about kids. Then, what do they care about and who exactly are they living for?”

I know they say humans are selfish but I didn’t want to believe it. Covid continues to show just how horrible the human race can be when it comes to being self-centered. Even when it comes to our most vulnerable. How can we be “pro-life” and “save our children” if we can’t even wear a mask or social distance for them?”

~Facebook Post from Quirky. Stimmy. Cool, August 5, 2021

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