July 2021 Viaduct
COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: A Fearful Return

As we turn the corner on a new month, I am beginning to see the changes that we once strayed away from return back to what they once were. I am increasingly seeing more persons wearing masks in the store and more of the “not let it slide” thing occur. It is a part of life and is how we fight our fight.

At our local school district, the topic of mask was the talk of the town last week as our commonwealth required the passage of each districts’ safety plan for the upcoming school year by week’s end. Ours, as well as the two other districts that cover the newspapers article is making the decision to the parents. For those that are eligible the vaccine is very much recommended as it is the commonwealth’s as well. While it isn’t an end all catch all, it is the best line of defense of providing extra armor to one self in protecting us about the virus.

Sometimes people think that I am crazy by wearing a mask and there is a lot of conflicting information out there and it can seem politically divided at times. The CDC recommends that both fully vaccinated along with those who haven’t been inoculated to wear a mask in close setting where social distancing cannot be maintained and of course medical settings where it is necessary to protect oneself from COVID as it may be prevalent.

I get a look in some situations because I am one of the very few sometimes daunting a mask. However, in visiting local supercenters last week and over the weekend, I am seeing more and more individuals wearing their masks. It is not up to me or anyone to be the vaccination or masking police due to the fact that is Protected Health Information and is a violation of one’s rights. In the store though there are reminders announced over the intercom of what to do…If Your Sick, stay home; Wear a mask if not vaccinated and maintain safe distancing, if possible.

Yes, we hear what our news outlets choose to cover and at times it can be very conflicting and challenging to hear and take face value what is being broadcasted to us over the airwaves. For many smart TV’s the Centers for Disease control has an app for viewing the most accurate and current updates. While for some there can be a distrust in the government, we must have some valid source of where we must use our own judgement and know what is best to protect us from contracting the virus.

In essence, while we are in pandemic times, we must use our common sense and follow the guidance of our leaders and do what is sensible. That includes masking whenever it is necessary when distancing cannot be maintained. I have elaborated in these blogs that if I get signs of the virus there is no way for me to get the care, I need should I become sick and I have to do what is necessary in order to protect myself from getting sick. This also enlists common sense and not going to work when having symptoms that appear as COVID symptoms in order to protect those around me. Keep track of your symptoms and be aware of any changes that can be noted. However, if you follow the recommendations set forth by those who set them, then we are doing our best to protect us.

Whether or not to get vaccinated is a personal decision that one must make individually to their benefit. One who is considering should know that the research has been in the planning stages for some time before the onset of COVID, however, once the virus hit, research was amplified to ensure that it could be used for Emergency Use, something that is declared when the vaccine is administered. However, I suggest that one always do their research to see which of the vaccines authorized properly works for them in the manner that works best for their needs. I can say that we want all things to return to normal, however until we get the virus under control, we cannot make sure of that and it may take stepping back a bit first before coming out clean in the end.  

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