A Journal Entry

Being a responsible adult!

Sometimes you just have to be a responsible adult!

That means you have to do things that you don’t want to do like work and other commitments.

It’s not like they’re as bad as they seem.

It’s the anxiety and thoughts playing over again and again telling me not to because not doing anything would be more comfortable.

Having to go into the outside world can be a challenge for those with conditions similar to mine, but I continue to do it because it makes me able to do the things that I want to.

Compared to other things in the world, doing what I have to do today is not as bad as it seems and a 3 day weekend is ahead so some added rest time, which is much needed to restore the energy that’s been draining this week.

Today’s intention is not to complain, but to be grateful for the things I have in life and the opportunities that they provide me.

So here’s to a happy pre-holiday weekend Friday!

Stay safe and have fun Followers!

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