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Overcoming Anxiety

One of the biggest challenges I have experienced in my life that I am still overcoming is my anxiety. It is a common comorbidity with autism and as such can produce many challenges in the daily lives of the autistic person, and as such I am no casualty in this regard.

Many days, my brain produces very challenging thoughts at times that many times catastrophize the things I must endre. I often think of the worst possible things that can happen in my life and many times they cannot easily escape my mindset. Focusing on things that pleasure me does help and having music in my headspace that is helpful helps too. 

Yet, there are times that can be very challenging to the point that I script these thoughts in my personal space and at the worst points will communicate them to those that I think will pay attention as a way of making me feel bad for things that I think that just aren’t accurately thought but are just a result of my brain over reacting. 

It can be more challenging on some days than others to process these thoughts and it can be very taxing on my mental health because they are constant in nature wherein I continually think the worst in situations that pop into my headspace. Being of an autistic nature oftentimes makes these thoughts intrusive and repetitive, thus making them more challenging to the point that it will overtake your mind and you can not and will not think of anything else happening or a the situation it involves not being as bad as it is, however many times it’s just a simple thing, but your anxiety is causing to be greater.

I know that I need to better my response to the challenging thoughts. For many times it can bring me down so badly to the point that I want to isolate myself and not do things that I enjoy or even communicate with others. I know that communicating with others can be good for me but being autistic this too can produce a lot of anxiety to the point that you put off communicating or push others away for your life because you are so afraid. This can skew the friendships off because the other party may think that they are the reason behind no communication between you and them.

There are people that want to befriend me and I have recently realized that I need to do more of my part to be there for them and not let my anxiety bring me down so much all the time. I know this isn’t easy, but it is also important to communicate your needs especially if you truly trust that person that you really want to communicate with and when you do it is a healthy and happy conversation that you do indeed enjoy.  If a friendship is meant to be, they will be there for you and not bring you down continually. If they make you feel good all the time, then it is pretty safe to say that they will understand your anxiety and be there for you and give the space when you need it.

Don’t let your anxiety get in the way of you conquering your dreams. Seek support if you need it so you don’t let it build over in your mind and get out of control to the point you break down. You deserve to live your best life. Work things out the best you can so you can be happy, because everyone deserves to be happy and not live life constantly in fear of their next move.

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