COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: “Same Old, Same Old”

Continuing on the supposed last week of the governmental regulations has me see more masks and social distancing taking place, however there continues to be a few who do not wear a mask in public, thus making me fearful that people are not following the honor system. The government will only give you so much play to play against before the restrictions have hampered the COVID Mitigation process.

In the last three weeks when we were supposed to limit the usage of close contact locals such as restaurants and gyms, I have only seen them in my neighborhood be defied and be open anyway regardless of any order that comes forth. The business that receive these citations just feel as if it is necessary to pay the fine or follow the follow up plan. When in honestly, and I mean that dearly that while many of the general populace, autistics included are surprisingly honest and indeed for the most part by putting that mask on and keeping our space in the public spaces to a required distance, it is the ones who rebel sometimes in droves against the orders to protect us, thus putting the community as a whole at risk.

Yes, I will attribute that small businesses are losing their momentum and are forcing to close their doors. They admit it’s because of the prolonged COVID shutdown that occurred in the spring. While that may have some merit to the story, there is also some merit that while that same shutdown was occurring in our commonwealth during that first wave, the case numbers were subdued down until we felt free that the numbers were well enough to reopen as a whole. However, as time went throughout the summer and the second wave come forth last month, we saw the case counts for many counties triple and quadruple their overall totals before the restrictions were lifted in June.

What my point is this, we as a community, neurodivergent and neurotypical must BOTH do OUR part to keep EVERYONE safe. Yes, we have been wearing the masks for eight months and many of us are tired. The literature to keep your space in the stores and the overabundance of signage, yes it both bothers the neurodivergent and the neurotypical alike as we the autistic are likely to gruff and get upset when those who do not stand on the markers of follow the suggested rules set forth by the store management.

In all honesty, while it is up to each establishment to enforce these rules,  those rebel challenge their rights and this causes sometimes a very intense conflict that can be physical and can ultimately result in law enforcement being involved in something so menial, so they look the other way unless it is too dangerous for the general public. However, we all must again be cognizant in our need to do our part and be safe out there and not get into a pattern of fatigue where we do not follow the rules. Even in my apartment building while I do not intersect with anyone most times, I know that our manager wants us to mask up when in common areas of the building. Yes, it’s a pain, but it can take just that one time that you don’t for something to happen and potentially cause you to become exposed.

Just a few days ago, my mother and I were about to go into a home goods store in a nearby town, the next day I learned that it being thoroughly disinfected. Many in the public eye are not aware of where COVID truly is in the general public and by taking precautions as members of society not only protects you but those around you. This is why you mustn’t let down your guard and be resilient as this has proven to become a successful tool in keeping facilities case free and without the need to deeply disinfect.

As fort the case counts this past weekend, they are rather low as of right now. However with testing facilities operating at an reduced schedule due to the holidays and persons who choose to leave the area presently celebrating the holiday will choose to follow the honor system and be tested prior to arrival per governmental regulations or face quarantine or worse, develop symptoms, which will result in the spike in cases. Hopefully, everyone will do the right thing for all of us, but we must be prepared should the numbers go up for prolonged restrictions because we had the chance to fix this, yet again the general public doesn’t seem to get it.

Remember, we are all in this together.

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