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Book Review: Autism, Sexuality and My Brain

This quick Kindle read takes the reader on the course of a young man who battles his autistic desires for the feel the female skin, but receives many shortcomings based on the inability to know the social construct that becomes unknown to many on the autism spectrum face. The author also explains him being homophobically bullied because he did not associate with a female aquantience in school growing up and the trauma it caused.

The author also explains that he uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in his therapy realm although he explains that it can be difficult in finding a counselor that specializes in CBT it is however a useful tool.

The author explains how he attends many therapies for his autism and even serves as a self-advocate sometimes wanting to attempt to cross the line with his severe need for sexual desire. This is because he also has many onsets of mental illness and even desires to be a female body as he just wants to feel the female body.. He does express his need for more sexual exploration for adults on the spectrum although he (the author) struggled at times on how to appropriately express these thoughts.

Sleeping habits (a common factor in autistics) is also discussed at length and how this can relate to overthinking of interests can cause the brain to go into hyperdrive, thus making the brain difficult to put it to rest for bedtime, although for many medication does help with this and the mental health conditions that many like the author (and myself) face besides our autism. The author explains the highs and lows of being awake and asleep are explained and how he (like me) struggles not to obsess over things. I personally could relate so much to the author as he faces the social construct and the overpowering brain.

One thing of interest unrelated to sexuality is that he explains his soda addiction, which I can relate to nearly and dearly. I can resonate with the author because like him I have continually tried again and again to get off the wagon of being addicted to these sugary drinks. While it does claim he’s not totally off of them, he is doing better with it. Something I know personally that I need to do real soon. The author switched to flavored water, which with cutting back the soda intake and mixing this in, helped both his physical and mental health so much that he states that it is one of the most difficult goals he encountered in his life. He further admits because it is an additction that it can be very uncomfortable for one/.

Hallucinations and delusions are also explanied by the author at depth and how it relates to his sexual health and other normal activity like driving. He does get very specific on these “dragons” in his life.

Entitled Celebrities and Locker Room Banter is ex planed at length in a chapter which he says because he didn’t engage in this banter he was bullied for being gay for not talking about sex rather he was abused for looking as if he was gay.

He closes with that sexuality is a very confusing and complex thing especially being autistic and having schizophrenia. He state his need to have se, but that he understands that consent is necessary to do this and it has to be done verbally, he closes the book by assuring that this is necessary in all instances.

Social Skills is covered by this book and how to grasp the unwritten language that we do not see and how his doctor says “Context Is King” and how it must be understood and learned.

I gave it a 5/5 because the author went places that no one wants to go and he explained many issues that I myself and others are afraid to come out of the shadows about.

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