Penn Highlands Connellsville Hospital
A Journal Entry

Set Your Mind

Today has been quite the day

I woke up and my phone fell off my body and crashed on the floor.

It would shortly become inoperable.

I reached out to tech support and learned that while the phone was under warranty, it would require either going to the repair center an hour away and waiting for it to be repaired or mailing it, something that made my anxiety go through the roof.

So I called my mom who tells me that I need to pull myself together and after we had a scheduled engagement we could go to the phone store and see what local options were available and thay we would make whatever needs to happen to have a phone as soon as possible.

Those words… pull yourself together… spoke volumes to me.

I realized a solution would not happen unless I pulled myself together and got on track to do what I needed to see through what needed to be done.

Getting to the store, there were many things that could set me off. Their computers were having issues, other people and multiple conversations happening at the same time.

Yet I was patient and did as I was asked and things actually worked out better than I thought that I could take some extra protective measures to make things like this more preventable in the future.

It’s using the coping strategies that I have learned over the years, being patient and taking my time and realizing that I just need to be the person who I know I can be that made me manage myself to get through the challenges of getting through what needed to happen.

Yes I may needed to recharge when I got home but the phone needed to charge too, so it was a win win for both me and my new phone today.

This can happen if you are patient enough and use the skills you have and know that you can use to make it through the motions.

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