A Journal Entry

Because We Can

Last weekend it was mother’s day and I had yet to purchase a gift for my mother.

Time was running out and I didn’t know what to do.

I didn’t plan accordingly to make sure a gift was secured in advance.

So I had to go on a whim, with the advice of my sister.

I would have to go to the local grocery store. That’s nothing new for me to do. I do it quite often.

But never to buy flowers let alone I had to walk there. But I walk there often.

I choose the hanging basket I want and I go in to pay.

It’s the first hour of the day for the store and as with most mornings during that hour, you must use the self checkouts.

Four stations going with four elderly people, all frustrated and having issues with their checkout processes. Only one cashier to tend to all of their needs, yet she has the patience of Job, doing the best they can.

My turn arrives and I approach the station and I discover there’s no tag and I too need their assistance which is met in short order.

As I leave the store it begins to rain. I could ride the bus but it is not there yet and I had a million thoughts about doing that because I not only have general anxiety about it on a good day, but I have a live plant in my possession.

The rain is quite docile so I just put my hoodie up on my sweater and make the quarter mile walk home.

I rest on the porch and am glad I did something a little out of my comfort zone.

But the greatest sense of pride was the next day when my mom picked me up for church and saw me boasting a hanging basket for her. The smile on her face spoke volumes and she was very proud of me for thinking independently in making sure that I make a great gesture of appreciation towards her on mother’s day.

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