Review: What Color Is Monday? By Carrie Cariello

For the past few years, I have been following author Carrie Cariello on Facebook. While she has quite the way with words and explanation of how autism affects her, her son Jack and her entire family. She has an engagement on her page of nearly 10,000 and along with a subscriber section to her Facebook page, she also holds routine lives on Facebook. One recent one was Temple Grandin and I was amazed and delighted to watch that and learn from both perspectives.

I have been reading Carrie’s first book, What Color is Monday? For the past few weeks when time has allowed. As I do have some perspective from both the lens of the autistic individual and the parent, this book shares the early years of Jack and deep insight into what families of autistic individuals experience in their daily lives. Personally, as I was not diagnosed with an Autism diagnosis until I was 13 so some of the situations that Jack presented I similarly had and can deeply relate. When I was that age, the only way that autism was diagnosed was only if you had limited or no verbal communicative ability.

Through this well-written book, I was able to see that I am not alone in this fight and that people live their lives and there is hope as through Carrie’s present social media presence while there have been struggles for Jack, he also has been able to flourish in other areas further than what was once though, thus giving hope that autistic individuals can do anything they set their mind to, but also that life in general for many autistic individuals can be more challenging than that of their neurotypical peers.

She has written a follow up book called Someone I’m With Has Autism and as of March 2023 she has announced that she is writing another book. She is definitely a five star author of how to meticulously craft her words together of the experiences of her and her family on the ride we call Autism.

Her Book is on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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