A Journal Entry

Maybe They’re Right

Life seems to be easier now.

Maybe because I have listened to what everyone has told me all my life.

Maybe I shouldn’t have brushed off their words with harsh statements.

I just couldn’t see the benefits of what they were telling me to do.

Or maybe I had to learn what to do my own way and figure it out for myself.

Maybe They’re Right

I can do all the things that I can do, but since I have my own life, it is much better for me.

If I had just listened sooner to what they told me to do and not played around all these years.

Maybe, woulda, shoulda, coulda

What happened was in the past.

I am in my element now and thriving quite well.

Maybe they were right all along!

It seems surreal that I survived a near four-day week, and with some changes too!

Crushed the anxiety and did what I needed to do to get the adequate amount of sleep and regulation to get through the days without any incidents, elevated voices or meltdowns.

I cope as needed and stay in my own lane,

I am even doing new things and loving them!

I know they’re right!

My mood is more regulated. I can complete tasks. I am not all over the place.

I sleep adequately. I take care of my person, home and possessions.

Everything I have been modeled to do all these years and even things to make me more independent.

Because they were right.

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