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Wellness Wednesday: Learning A Lifestyle Change

As we reach the midpoint of November, at the end of October I learned that I gained a significant amount of weight back as a result of me having a continuous flow of delivery food brought to my door. I know that learning and making a lifestyle change will make me feel better and happier about my life.

It isn’t like I don’t know what I need to do or I don’t have the tools necessary to lose weight. There are things that I know that I need to do to make wiser choices. Usually, for me,the hardest part is the initial starting of doing what I need to do in order to eat healthier. That may mean having to plan ahead and know what I need to do in order to optimize my nourishment.

That also means that I have to be active as far as moving and not remaining isolated in my home as I know that doesn’t do anything to help me as far as losing weight. I know it helps me and others that join me in that effort too. Like anything I do, I am the king of all excuses until I actually start doing something and have the inertia and drive to do it, then more than likely, it becomes a success and I feel alot better about myself because I accomplished it and I can take ownership of it.

Many times, benign autistic, I want to lay into what I feel comfortable doing because it is easy and doesn’t require putting together an effort to do something. Yet, when I labor in the kitchen and do the work required to put a meal together and actually enjoy it really greatly, I know I am working towards doing the right thing and making a change for the better. That is because it is so easy to use the phone in whatever way that I can to have something brought to me in short order then also curtail the emotions I am feeling from lack of activity or mindfulness in my body. 

I know I have to repair the damage that I have made over the past two decades. It will not be a miracle and it will not be a quick fix. It will take sweat equity and making decisions that I may not totally want to do, but I know that they are the best things for me. I also know that retreating to bed and feeling sorry for myself and thinking how bad I think my life is will not improve my outlook on life either. I have to take initiative by working on those weekly goals for myself that I set for myself like taking my medication routinely, communicating with those that reach out to me and being healthy overall. I know that I  need to get out of the house when I am able to in order to prevent isolation and that any movement is good movement and its very important to me to stay well.

Changes to things are always difficult to conceptualize and bear. There will be hiccups, but you have to keep reminding yourself of the ultimate goal of where you want to be. I am often reminded of the consequences of not taking care of myself that life cannot be promised forever, therefore I have to do what I can while I am at my present age to be able to preserve my life so I can make it my best and be proud of who I am by making the correct lifestyle changes so I can feel better, be at a manageable weight and live as long as I can,

Life is what you make it. You have the choice to do what you want to do to be well in life, Don’t wait so long in life to reverse the damage you made and make the necessary changes to be well so you can be around as long as you can.

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