A Journal Entry

Fighting the battle… and winning

So yesterday I started my day like I always do and it’s was jam packed work, mom picking me up from work and deciding to go to Hobby Lobby which is and lot of sensory overload followed by my need to go to a unfamiliar store I had gift cards for, which also had a great deal of sensory overload.

Finally, I came home, made dinner and fell asleep for what I can guess was over two hours.

This is Autism at its best when you are just overwhelmed with too much sensory overload and can sense a lot of details, my brain was telling me that I needed to take a break.

As I woke up and got oriented, the day we started to end where I would need to go to bed. I didn’t really want to take my medicine because I had to go back to bed, but I realized I’m a better person with it so I just took it although I struggled with it for about a half hour.

I woke up a little bit before the alarm this morning. I am proud of myself for fighting this internal battle and not giving in to the things that tempt me to not take my medicine.

I am learning this is a better version of myself and the life I can choose to live. It’s embracing all the things of my neurodiversity and doing what I can to manage them Even if it means getting the necessary rest because you have no more spoons to give and need to rest to gain more for the next essential activity in your life.

It’s embracing everything in your life and learning and growing into being an adult with the circumstances of your life for what they are.

I fought the battle…and I won!

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