Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Being Responsible

When you move out of someone that takes care of all your needs, many times it requires you as an independent person to become responsible for being able to make sure every need you need to have met is met. Having additional challenges such as autism can make things like being independent realize the importance of following through with the things that you need to be responsible for on your own.

In four years overall, and just now over two years in the current situation, I have to say that I am in a better place than when I started. I have to admit that changing the environment is more suited to my needs and makes living easier. I am still learning simple things and have flaws when tempted by things that make life easier like Doordash and restaurants when there was likely no reason to remain at home. If I need things, I need to take the initiative and do just that. There is 99% nothing preventing me from getting what I need where it has to come to my doorstep. I have done it in the past, I just become lazy and see it as a convenience.

Checking my finances, I noticed a significant drop in funds last month to the current month. I had known that I was relying heavily on Doordash and deliveries a lot, but did not realize that it made such a financial blow to me. Then I researched my online banking to discover what I spent having delivered here was nearly half my monthly income. This was definitely a wake-up call and as such I knew that I had to get real about taking care of my nutrition and being well by getting out when I need to among other things.

When you become responsible for the things that you do to live, like maintain your living space, care for your person / mental health, or nourish yourself by putting in the required work to do it, it gives you a sense of pride that you can own it. One thing I realized was that within the first few days of being serious about losing weight, I had lost over seven pounds. This was also taking responsibility in being more conscious of what beverages I was also putting in my body too. There are veggie crispers in my refrigerator full of cold water bottles, yet I always went for the soda. Now, I like to divide and conquer the thirst mission. It is going better and I want to spend this month seeing how I do financially and health wise too.

Sometimes, owning your responsibilities means that you have to sometimes do things that you don’t want to do or may struggle with and need to seek help knowing the right thing to do. If you know something isn’t right, it is likely something needs to be addressed and therefore you need to bring it to the attention of the necessary parties so they can help you. If you are not tackling the problem at hand, you are kicking the can down the road or making it worse and it will be more difficult to rebuild your way back to where you left off.

Being independent means being responsible. Ignoring the responsibilities makes you more prone to losing your independence. Seeking help helps guide the way to help maintain or work a way to find a possible solution to the problem you may be having. One thing for sure is the fact that you do not need ro be miserable or cause havoc on those that you love because of your carelessness to meet your responsibilities to have the independence that you long for and deserve.

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