A Journal Entry

The Man And The Mirror

Novrmber 13, 2022 – Three years from the day of a what I call a Nice Selfie in 2019, as I and the world was starting to crash.

The Man and the Mirror have a similar story.
We met for this selfie three years ago today in 2019.
I wish I could have talked to that man.
Told him to be honest and take care of himself.
He knew that his world would eventually crash.
It did, and the world did too.
It was the start of a global pandemic.
He was green at being on his own.
Stubborn and senseless.
He would go through almost another year of two moves into a new home.
Trying to make headway back to where he wanted to be.
The world was learning what the new normal was.
When another person was occupying this office, they offered him this mirror because he did not have one for his new home.
He proudly hung it up in his bedroom.
As he gets ready to look in the same mirror when starting his day.
He remembers when he took that first selfie three years ago and where he is today.
In a much better way and knowing what it takes to be well in today’s society
Of accepting who he is and not becoming vulnerable to things that cross his path.
He is in a much better place today three years ago when he took that selfie out of random for a “spirit” day.
You would say he found his spirit and his true self.
As he moves on down the journey and continuing to pick up the pieces he lost from them, hour by hour, day by day. month by month, year by year.
He will get there, on his time, in his way.
He is who he is, no one can change that.
His dreams will come true
He will look back and think who that man in the mirror was.
And remember that better days are always ahead!

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